Client Testimonials

Eyelash Extensions

" I am super happy with my new lashes! They are so pretty and natural and I don't have to wear eye make-up! Amazing to wake up in the morning and look super-fresh! I recommend Beauty Metropolis to everyone. It is very professional and I had no burning sensation from the products they use, even though my skin is sensitive. And the lashes are very light and none have fallen off after 4 days."

- Linda B.

" Very happy with the full set of lashes I had done today! Shana is very nice and did a great job. The studio is very relaxing and the quality is excellent. Will recommend this studio to friends and family."

- Christina E.

" My first time getting lash extensions and I couldn't have chosen a better place. Shana is wonderful! She is very gentle and professional. I am Asian so my lashes are short, straight and just plain ugly. I wasn't expecting too much out of the extensions because my lashes were so stiff but it came out pretty well! The lashes lasted longer than I had expected them to. I went in for a relash at 3 weeks with only a few lashes intact. This time I asked Shana to use shorter lashes but with more curls in them. They turned out absolutely PERFECT. I am in love with them. I was in there for about an hour and a half but it only felt like 30 mins! This place definitely deserves all the 5-stars it's getting."

- Trang T.

" Would recommend! I am a transfer customer. I had a great experience. The lashes are BETTER quality than my previous lashes... so light and natural. My stylist, Shana, was very gentle and sweet. Already made my next appointment!"

- Kim N.

" I had a very relaxing experience. Never felt rushed. My lashes look so much better than what I've seen done at other salons. No burning. The eyeliner is amazing too. Unlike other salons, Beauty Metropolis will keep you with the same person to keep a consistent look. Shawna rocks!"

- Nicole S.

" I just got a full set of lashes and I love them. I needed to find a reliable place to get my lashes done and I have finally found it! It's been a couple days and my lashes look as good as when I left. Very natural."

- Charla C.

" I love this studio! The studio is relaxing and Shawna is great! The lashes look natural and are very light. I had lashes done at another studio and it just seemed like it was rushed to get to the next customer. Shawna takes her time and makes sure the lashes are perfect. Also, I have never had the burning of the eyes like other studio. I would recommend Beauty Metropolis to anyone who wants quality lash extensions for a moderate price. It cost a little more than the lash studio I used to go to but you get what you pay for. I would rather pay for great service than bad anyday."

- Angelic S.

" I had a full set of lashes done here and will never go anywhere else! The whole experience from start to finish was awesome. My stylist was friendly and applied the lashes meticulously. The lashes feel natural, and give me a more dramatic look without being overdone. I would definitely recommend Beauty Metropolis to anyone looking for eyelash extensions!"

- Jessica S.

" Ever go to one of those groupon deal places where you are rushed out to get to the next customer? Your lashes may LOOK good when you first leave but 3 days later they become wild bushes on your eye lids, where even brushing them out was impossible because there was clumping?

You won't have that problem here!

This is a place that you come to for excellent quality & wonderful customer service & the best lashes. They have wonderful options for you & ways to take care of your lashes. I have always had problems with clumping, & dramatic fake looks. However, when I was finished with my full set here I was very thrilled at how it turned out. They look soft, subtle, long, gorgeous, and natural - almost like my own eyelashes!

I would say my lashes came out beyond PERFECT.

The stylist takes her time & you do not feel like you are being rushed out for the next customer, leaving your lashes flawed & clumpy. There is no pinching, they are extremely careful & gentle while working on you.I literally only brush them once a day when I wake up as oppose to the other lash places where i would have to check every 3 hours to make sure some didn't go stray.

I use to go for the best deals, the cheapest & easiest. However, after 2 years of getting my lashes done, I realized what the important of quality is & I would reccomend anyone I know to come try it out.

- Christine T.