DIY Custom Design Mirrored Furniture

by Shana Wang September 17, 2016

Hi Everyone~

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been thrilled by all the support on YouTube since I uploaded this video. In this post, I will try to answer questions and give more details on how to complete this project.

This is a simple and affordable way to "dress up" furniture that allowed me to combine two of my favorite design elements: Moroccan Trellis Fretwork and Mirror.


In this 713News DIY Segment, I will show you how to transform boring IKEA furniture by adding color, pattern overlays, and mirror.


Products used in this video:

Furniture seen in this video:

Directions and Tips:

1. Prep the O'verlay

Wearing gloves helps prevent fingerprints and also keeps your hands clean. I found that using the extra length in fingertips of my disposable vinyl gloves to "dust" off the O'verlay worked better than cloths or sponge that would get stuck in the splinters.

2. Paint the O'verlay

I advise placing the O'verlay directly on cardboard instead of paper because paper tends to soak up the paint and transfer spots onto the other side of the O'verlay. Ensure adequate ventilation and wear a paint mask to avoid fumes.

Following the directions on the spray paint, shake the can vigorously for one minute and shake often throughout the application. Place the can in the spray paint gun and make sure the spray nozzle is pointed forward. The spray paint gun alleviates pain and fatigue to your finger and provides greater control.

Hold can 10 to 12 inches from the O'verlay and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. I try to walk around each O'verlay and spray from all directions to coat the sides of the O'verlay in the process. Allow 24 hours to fully dry.

If you only want to add a design to your furniture without using mirror, you can simply apply Liquid Nails to the unpainted side of the O'verlay and attach it to your furniture (clean and prep the surface of your furniture with rubbing alcohol first).

If you are using mirror, flip over the O'verlay to spray the other side as it may be visible in the mirror. If the cardboard underneath is still wet, change it out so the wet paint does not ruin the side you've already painted.

3. Adhere mirror to furniture

I ordered mirror from my local glass shop. For the IKEA LAPPVIKEN door, the measurement of the O'verlay was 23.3125" x 25", so I had the mirror cut 23" x 24.75" (approximately 0.25 inch less on each side).

Clean and prep the front side of the door and both sides of the mirror with rubbing alcohol. With the mirror adhesive inserted into the caulk gun, apply a generous amount of adhesive to the back of the mirror without getting too close to the edges in case it seeps out.

Line up the sides of the mirror to the door and attach. Press down on the mirror with firm pressure, but beware of shifting the mirror. If necessary, fix the alignment of the mirror before the glue sets. Allow the glue to dry for 48 hours.

4. Adhere O'verlay to mirror

Once everything is dry, apply Liquid Nails to the back side of the O'verlay and attach to the mirror. Again, make sure the dimensions are aligned properly and use firm pressure without shifting the O'verlay. I applied beads of Liquid Nails along the border and throughout the design, just enough that it won't seep out the sides. If you shift the O'verlay too much and the adhesive does accidentally seep out, you may want to have a few disposable lip gloss wands or microfiber brushes available to wipe off the excess immediately.

... And there you have it! Try different combinations of IKEA furniture to fit your space, or revamp your existing furniture. As long as there is enough flat surface to attach mirror and/or O'verlays, you can use this method. Just place a Custom Order for O'verlays in the dimensions you need.

Lastly, here are two dressers in my bedroom customized using the same method, but with Gold spray paint and a Custom Pattern (yes, you can even create your own O'verlay pattern!):

DIY Gold Mirrored Dresser with Moroccan Trellis Fretwork

Shana Wang
Shana Wang


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